Flights to Melbourne.

Flights to Melbourne arrive from all over the world as Melbourne is the 2nd largest city in Australia. Some International airlines that arrive into Melbourne are American Airlines, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai, Malaysian, Emirates, Etihad, Qantas, Virgin, Japan Airlines, Air China, Cathy Pacific and not forgetting our South-eastern neighbors New Zealand airlines etc.

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There are direct flights from many countries to Melbourne, making travel convenient to this great City. Flights arrive directly from Dubai, Mumbai, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok, Japan, Hong Kong, Fiji, New Zealand and even from Los Angeles in USA.

If you want to look for Cheap Flights to and from Melbourne, use the Zuji search engine below to find your favorite airline. You can also book Flights to other Australian Destinations and Flights from other International Destinations through this link.

Melbourne is also very well linked with all the State capitals in Australia. A flight from Sydney to Melbourne takes about an hour and twenty minutes tops and there are flights in and out of Melbourne to Sydney every half an hour in the mornings & evenings. So if you want to travel to other places within Australia to and from Melbourne, it's easy to get a flight.

Domestic Flight are fairly reasonably priced. A few years ago they started from $50.00 one way. This is great because it gives us the chance to save some dough on domestic flights.

Low priced flights have much less flexibility than normal priced flights when it comes to luggage or postponing your trip for any reason. Some local discount airlines here are Jetstar (based at Avalon Airport near Geelong), Virgin blue, Tiger airlines and Rex Airlines. Qantas and Virgin Airlines are towards the mid to high range. As a rule of thumb, the earlier you book the flight, the more choices you will have, the cheaper it will be.

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