Kids Activities

Kids Activities

If you want to find out what kids activities are happening in & around Melbourne at the time of your visit, then it's probably a good idea to get hold of a local news paper. Sunday's Age newspaper gives a 7 day family fun section. Friday's Age newspaper has an Entertainment Guide (EG) pullout. If you visit the Federation square pick up a free 'Melbourne Events' guide which is quite handy as well, All these resources will tell you what's on & where in Melbourne. If for some reason you are unable to get these, below are some interesting kids activities that would keep them happy and engrossed.

  1. Birrarung Marr (Birrarung means river of mists & Marr refers to the river bank) is located next to the Federation Square which is just a short walk down south on Swanston Street and then turn left on Princess Walk before the Princess Bridge. Kids can take part in art activities at the Artplay Children's Cultural Centre and have fun in the Adventure playground next door.

  2. Luna Park is located on 18 Lower Esplanade, St. Kilda. You can get on the Rollercoaster ride, take the Ghost train for some thrills & adventure, try the Ferris wheel or some other rides & play various games. From here you can even walk down to the St. Kilda beach. To get here take tram 16, 96 and get down at the St. Kilda junction tram stop.

  3. Collingwood Children's Farm is near the Yarra River on St. Heliers Street, Abbotsford. Kids activities here are hands on and they get the opportunity to see some of their favourite farm animals & get to feed them, be a helping hand at the farm and if their lucky they might get a chance to milk a cow!!! The get there, take the Epping line train to Victoria Park station then take bus 201, 205, 207 going towards Kew on Johnston Street, Abbotsford. Get down at Clarke Street & then walk down on St. Heliers Street to the farm. With kids, the best option though would be to go by Car. Ph: (03) 94175806

  4. CERES Café is an environmentally friendly farm, where everything is organic & the café menu is vegetarian. They have educational tours which include water conservation, sustainable building design, renewable energy, organic farm, organic market, green technology, worm farm etc. This is located on the corner of Stewart & Roberts Streets, Brunswick East. Take bus 503. Ph: (03) 93808861

  5. St. Kilda Adventure Playground is located in Newton Court, St Kilda. This is a massive playground for kids to muck around in; it has trampolines, mazes, flying fox and skating areas. To get there simply take tram 96 or Tram 16 and get down at tram stop 133. Walk down southeast on Grey street and take a right turn into Eildon road, this leads to the Newton Court and the playground. Or you could take bus 600, 922, and 923 on Grey Street, St Kilda. Ph: (03) 92096348

  6. Scienceworks Museum and the Planetarium are very interesting places to see, do & experience. The Kids activities here are awesome. From time to time they have special exhibits which are intriguing as well. I found the Lightening room to be a 'hair rising experience'! Take the Williamstown line train to Spotswood and you can walk down from there. Factor in a full day for this place because once you get in, you don't wanna get out.

  7. IMAX theatre & Melbourne Museum are an experience that everyone would remember, specially the 3-D movies at the IMAX. This truly an awesome experience. I remember watching an Ant movie with my family. Every ant could be seen with such minute detail and it felt as if they were all around us.

  8. Galactic Circus is located on 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank (just behind Crown Casino). This is claimed to be one of Australia's biggest indoor interactive theme park with some of the latest arcade games around. There's also Kingpin Bowling and Indoor Laser Skirmish next door, so kids can just about spend the entire day here. Ph: 132695