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Melbourne Beaches are located in and around the Port Phillip Bay and include popular ones such as St Kilda Beach, Port Melbourne Beach, Elwood Beach, Brighton Beach & Chelsea Beach etc. These are not really surf beaches due to the closed nature of the Port Phillip bay. Surf beaches can be found in the Bellarine Peninsula areas and Mornington Peninsula areas. Because Australia is an Island there are beaches all along the coastline.

Every beach in Melbourne has safety signs, so please make sure you read the relevant signs and follow them. There's a long running campaign by the Cancer Councils that invites people to Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek & Slide. Which means Slip on a T-shirt, Slop on the Sunscreen, Slap a Hat on your head, Seek shade under a tree, shrub or portable shade and Slide on a pair of Sunnies (Sunglasses) to stay protected from the Sun harmful UV rays during Summer. If you don't have a sunscreen you probably should use one of these and for the adventurous ones out there here's a tanning lotion as well.

Enough of the scare, now lets enjoy some wonderful Melbourne Beaches -

  1. Williamstown Beach
  2. Sandridge Beach
  3. Port Melbourne Beach
  4. Albert Park Beach
  5. St Kilda Beach
  6. Point Ormond Beach
  7. Elwood Beach
  8. Brighton Beach
  9. Hampton Beach
  10. Sandringham Beach
  11. Half Moon Bay Beach
  12. Black Rock Beach
  13. Rickett's Point Beach
  14. Mentone Beach
  15. Chelsea Beach

There are other beaches outside Melbourne such as in the Bellarine Peninsula & Mornington Peninsula regions and further on but these beaches are far and can be best accessed by Car.

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