Melbourne Shuffle

Melbourne Shuffle is a type of dance style which originated in the late 1980's in Melbourne in the underground scene. The underground music is usually referred to a variety of music sub-genres that develop a sort of a cult following.

The name 'Melbourne Shuffle' has been derived from many sources such as Party goers, DJ's, Visitors to Melbourne and also the media who tried to describe this sort of dance movement. The Australian band Sonic Animation were a dance/techno band. When one of the band member, Rupert Keiller was interviewed by the media after one of their shows as to his style of dance he replied and described it as "the Melbourne Shuffle".

The Melbourne Shuffle style is typically a fast movement of the heel and toe action style which suits the various types of dance/techno type of electronic music.

It is a well known fact that dancers get up to all sorts of tricks to make their movement smooth, however there are two main characteristic things about this dance which are -

  1. Running Man - This movement requires the dancer to stomp forward then a double hop backwards with the same foot. When the other foot repeats this type of action it looks as if the dancer is running on the spot.

  2. The Shuffle - This movement consists of a fast sideway heel-toe motion on one foot twisting it at the ankle.

Furthermore this dance can be embellished by using spins, kicks, arm pumps and other dance movements.

Shuffler's wear all types of street style clothing. They often wear "Phat Pants" or "rave pants". These have a very wide flair on the leg area and are quite often stitched with reflective fabric with bright colours and designs.

There is also a DVD entitled 'Melbourne Shuffler' which is a documentary based on the Melbourne Shuffle and has helped considerably in the popularity of this style of dance.

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