Melbourne Weather - Includes 14 day, 10 day & 7 day long range Weather forecast.

Melbourne Weather is known to be moderately Oceanic climate. This means that the climate has cool summers (usually it rains after 3-4 days of warm days which brings the temperature down) and warm winters , with a narrow annual temperature range. Usually the Weather in Melbourne lacks a dry season, as precipitation is more even throughout the whole year. As a general rule the Weather is cold. Due to the rather flat topography of Melbourne, coupled with the Mountain ranges to the North-East and the Port Phillip Bay in the South are some of the contributing factors to the frequent changes in the weather pattern.

Showers are quite often heavy with squalls and at time with hail. This also brings about a sudden drop in temperature. As these showers pass so quickly it can bring a sunny breaks and hence a rising of temperature again. As this cycle can repeat again a few times in a day hence giving Melbourne a reputation for having four seasons in a day.

Seasons : Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere. The seasons here in the Southern hemisphere are opposite to the Northern hemisphere and so our official seasons here are –
Summer – Summer start from December and goes on to February. On some summer days Melbourne experiences extreme heat and the temperature can go up to early to mid 40 degrees. The days are generally warm to hot with a cool change every 3-4 days.

Autumn – Beautiful Autumn days with bright blue skies & cool breeze start from March through to May, characterized with a mild chill.

Winter – June, July, and August are winter months with cold, wet, windy & damp days. It does not snow in Melbourne, however the mountain ranges towards the North & East of Melbourne experience snowfall. Melbourne does experience fog & frost with sleet

Spring – Begins in September and goes on till November. This season is generally characterized by sunny & cool days with extended periods of mild weather and clear blue skies. This is an exciting time as trees start to blossom and daffodils and other bulbous plants sprout out of the ground,

But as they say, Melbourne's weather can sometimes have all 4 seasons in a day, so just be prepared. It is advisable to keep a warm cardigan or jacket especially during the early morning and late evening time.

The Current weather 5 day forecast is indicated in the chart below:

The Weather Report for today is shown below -

Another great place to see the Melbourne Weather forecast is the official Bureau of Meteorologywebsite. Over here you can see the Current Melbourne Weather or the Seven day forecast (Weather report) etc. In this website you can access information regarding Tropical Cyclones, Tsunami Warnings and other Climatic conditions & Warnings which directly relate to Melbourne and the other Australian States.

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