Theatre Restaurants

Some of the more popular Comedy and Theatre Restaurants are the Last Laugh Comedy Club, Comic’s Lounge, Dracula’s Cabaret, Witches in Britches etc.

  1. Last Laugh Comedy Club, Athenaeum Theatre, 188 Collins Street, Melbourne. Features International & local artists, dinner shows, open Friday and Saturdays. Ph: (03) 96501977
  2. Witches in Britches, 78-84 Dudley street, West Melbourne. Ph: (03) 93299850
  3. Comic's Lounge, 26 Errol Street, North Melbourne. Stand-up comedy every night with Tuesday being open night for upcoming comics. Ph: (03) 93489488
  4. Dracula's Cabaret, Cnr Cardigan & Victoria st, Carlton. Ph: (03) 93473344
  5. Copacabana, 139 Smith street, Fitzroy. Ph: (03) 94177099