Travel Advice

Travel Advice covers important topics like Visa requirements, Customs, DAFF, Exchange rates, Banks etc.

1. Visa requirements for Melbourne Australia - Entrance requirements for Melbourne are usually by getting a visa from your country of origin, although New Zealanders do not require a visa as they are given a visa on arrival. All other categories can be found in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website. You will find a lot of beneficial travel advice at this site.

2. Customs/DAFF - When entering Australia, you will be asked to declare all goods of vegetable & animal origin. The rules are very strict, fines are hefty and Customs & DAFF have many ways of finding out whether you've got any illegal stuff. If you're unsure of something that you want to bring here, you can visit the Customs website. The "Guide for Travelers" is particularly informative. The other website I would suggest is the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry, in short it's called DAFF. The "Importing to Australia" section, in the DAFF website, gives excellent travel advice and a detailed description of things you can & can't bring.

3. Safety in Melbourne - Although the crime rate in Melbourne has gone down over the years, one must always be careful especially at night time. If you're in a group, be together at night time but if your alone it is always advisable to be back at your place of stay by dusk. After 8pm at night the trains usually only keep the first compartment open so that all passengers are in the single compartment making it safe for everyone. In case of emergency for Police, Ambulance & Fire Brigade dial 000 (triple zero) in Melbourne.

4. Exchange rates - Calculate the exchange rates from one currency to another by using the OFX Website

5. Banks - In Australia there are 4 major banks which are -

  • The Commonwealth Bank – Ph:132221
  • National Australia Bank – Ph: 132265
  • ANZ – Ph: 131314
  • Westpac – Ph: 132032
For enquiring about the nearest branch please call the phone numbers mentioned above.

6. Health Services & Doctor - Whilst I hope that your visit be a pleasant one, sometimes traveling can take its toll. It is advisable to carry enough prescription medication and general cough & cold medicines to last your visit. If you're feeling unwell, it would be advisable to see a General Practitioner (GP's) who will examine you before any prescription medication is given. To find the nearest clinic you can check out the locality guide for a GP near you in the yellow pages in your hotel or ask reception.

7. Driving permits -A driver's license from your home town will be sufficient for you to drive up to 3 months after which you would need a Victorian License. Strict driving rules apply here. Further information can be obtained from Vic Roads on 131174 or visit their website VicRoads

8. Travelers Cheques -Most well known brand of travelers cheques such as American Express, Thomas Cook and other well known international ones are accepted in Melbourne. The office of the two main ones are -

  1. American Express,
  2. 233 Collins Street, Melbourne. Ph: 96336712
  3. Thomas Cook,
  4. 261 Bourke Street, Melbourne. Ph: 96544222
Most banks can also help with this information.