Travel  Guide

Travel guide covers travel tips on issues such as Currency, Electricity, Sunscreen, Goods & Services Tax, Telephone calls, Emergency services, Information for disabled travellers, Automatic teller machines etc.

1. Currency: - Currency used in Melbourne is the Australian Dollar (AUD or sometimes mentioned as A$). The various denominations are $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, in notes, $2 & $1 (gold coins) and 50c, 20c, 10c, and 5c (silver coins). There are 100 cents to a dollar. Below is a currency converter which will pop up in a new window. All you have to do is to enter the amount of currency you want to convert in the "Convert" space, select your currency from the 1st drop down menu and select the currency that you want to convert to in the 2nd drop down menu and hit Convert now.

OFX Currency Converter

2. Electricity: - Electrical Appliances here work on 240 volts 50Hz and the plug points are 3 pronged. If you need to use your electrical appliance here you will require a transformer & an adapter to convert to your appliance. Some hotels keep these in stock so just ask. A better idea would be to buy it before you travel.

3. Bug repellent: - The Australian bush fly can sometimes be a sticky one! [They don't go away easily] so it's good to carry a roll on bug repellent when outdoor activities are planned.

4. Sunscreen: - They say that there's a hole in the ozone layer above Australia so we cop a high amount ultraviolet rays during summer. This is an important thing to consider and sunscreen SPF15+ or SPF30, a cap or a hat to protect you becomes necessary during summers. As for me, I like to maintain that burnt sienna look!!

5. Melway: - If you intend to stay in Melbourne for a while it would be sensible to get hold of a Melway or a UBD Melbourne travel guide as these have maps of the Melbourne streets. Most hire cars provide a Melway. These days however, the GPS system is very popular and has somewhat become an important thing to consider. These are becoming a standard in most hire cars.

6. Goods & Services Tax (GST): - Is a tax of 10% on almost all goods & services rendered here.

7. International Phone call: - To call an Australian phone number from overseas dial + 61 i.e. country code for Australia. To call overseas from Melbourne dial 0011 first, then your country code, your state code, then your phone number.

8. Emergency services: - For Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade - dial 000

9. Poisons Information Centre: - For Poisons Information Centre - dial 131126

10. Lifeline Counselling: - For Lifeline Counselling - dial 131114

11. Disabled Traveller: - Almost all Tourist Attractions in & around Melbourne have wheelchair access. A free mobility map of the CBD is available from the Melbourne City Council. This travel guide & information can be obtained from the Travellers Aid Society (03) 96542600 which is located on 2nd Floor, 169 Swanston street, Melbourne which is informative and can help the disabled traveller tremendously.

12. Automatic Teller Machines (ATM): - ATM's' are located almost everywhere in Melbourne and are open 24 hours. Most of all they accept debit cards such as Visa & MasterCard that are connected to the international network systems. Most of the times they will show which cards are accepted by the machine

13. Telephone: - The area code for Melbourne Victoria being 03 and the country code for calling into Australia is +61. Phone numbers in Melbourne are eight digits starting with 9 or 8 and country areas start with 5. Toll free numbers here start with 1800; numbers with 1300 usually are for the cost of a local call. 13 numbers are generally for big companies with easy to remember 6 number digits. Usually every apartment & hotel room would have their own individual phones in the room, but make sure to check with the staff as to what rates are charged. Most public phones have the Telstra sign on them and the cost of a local call is 50c.

14. Working permits: - It's best to check the Australian Immigration website for more Travel guide & advice regarding this topic.

Hope this Travel Guide has been helpful, if however you feel that some other topic should be included here please feel free send us an email and we will gladly include it here.