Travel Information

This Travel information section gives a general overview of the things that matter in daily activity and day to day stuff. The Travel information and travel tips below will give you a good idea about some of the things here.

1. Drugs & alcohol - Melbourne Police have excellent state of the art drug & alcohol detection equipment and have sporadic checks throughout town. If you plan to drive, it would be safe not to drink and as the saying goes here - "If you drink & drive, you're a bloody idiot"! In Melbourne .05 is the legal Alcohol limit with police booze & drug detection buses carrying out spot testing, so be careful. The legal drinking age is 18 yrs.

2. Credit Cards - Generally the most common credit cards accepted are Visa (Ph:1800 450 346), MasterCard (Ph: 1800 120 113), American Express (Ph: 1300 132 639) and at some places they accept Diners Club (Ph: 1300 360 060).

3. Tourist information - All tourist information centres have a distinctive blue i sign, in the city there's a tourist information centre at the Federation Square and another on Bourke Street, Melbourne. You can get useful brochures, local maps, and tour guides, more about the train, tram & bus timetables and also what's going on in Melbourne at the time of your visit and is an essential pit stop for any first time tourist.

4. Health & Travel Insurances - It is advisable to have health insurance & travel insurance before you start your journey. This Travel information is pretty important. The biggest health insurance provider in Australia is Medibank Private. There are others and can be found at if need be.

5. Melbourne Radio Stations - Have a wide variety of choice to suit everyone's style but some of the best ones are -

    FM Radio Stations:
  1. 89.9 (Light FM) – Positive alternative, Christian & Biblical teachings
  2. 92.3 (3ZZZ) – Multilingual
  3. 93.1 (3SBS) – Multilingual
  4. 100.3 (Nova FM) – A mix of old & new music
  5. 101.1 (MixFM) – Latest music for the under 30’s
  6. 101.9 (FoxFM) – Latest music for the under 30’s
  7. 103.5 (3MBS) – Classical music
  8. 104.7 (GoldFM) – Classic Golden Oldies
  9. 107.5 (JJJ) – Alternative music & youth network
    AM Radio Stations:
  1. 621 Radio National – range of topics is diverse
  2. 774 (3LO) – talk back with current issues & an excellent news service with live Melbourne news to the hour.
  3. 855 (3CR) – community radio
  4. 1026 (News radio) – federal parliament proceedings and news
  5. 1179 (3AW) – Talk back radio with top ratings
  6. 1377 (3MP) – Easy Listening

6. Dress code - Usually smart casual is acceptable everywhere but it is a good idea to check before hand as some restaurants, theatres & Crown casino have strict dress codes.

7. Pharmacies - Generally over the counter medications for colds, coughs aches & pains such as Panadol, Aspirin, Dimetapp, Neurofen etc are easily available over the counter at any pharmacy. Most Pharmacies are generally open from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday with a few open till 12pm midnight. This travel information is important as people have different medical needs and it's better to be prepared.

8. Internet access - These days Wi-Fi can be found everywhere from cafes to shopping centres and Melbourne is very well advanced in this area. So if you have your laptop just look for designated areas or ask for it. The other place where Wi-Fi can be found is the local libraries. The biggest Wi-Fi area is at Federation Square in Melbourne.

9. Laundry services - Laundromats are mostly located in shopping strips, near high rise or apartments, in some hotels.

10. Phone Cards - Phone cards are the most economical way to keep in touch with your loved ones no matter where you come from and these can be obtained from newsagent's, Milk bars or Australia Post offices. So for example if you are calling USA from here, the phone number would read 0011 - Country code for America - State code in America - phone number you want to dial in America.

11. Post Offices - Most post offices are open from 9am to 5pm Mon - Fri. The Melbourne GPO located on the corner of Little Bourke Street & Elizabeth Street, Melbourne is open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm; Saturday 9am to 4pm; Sunday 10am to 4pm. You can get calendars, picture post cards, stamps, etc so for additional information please visit Australia Post.

12. Public Holidays in Melbourne -

  • New Years Day - 1st January
  • Australia Day - 26th January
  • Good Friday - March/April
  • Easter Monday - March/April
  • Labour Day - 14th March
  • Anzac Day - 25th April
  • Queen’s Birthday - 13th June
  • Melbourne Cup Day - 1st Tuesday in November
  • Christmas Day - 25th December
  • Boxing Day - 26th December

13. Newspapers - There are 3 main daily newspapers here. The Age, which gives an excellent coverage of Local & International news with the Saturday edition being a huge one. The Herald Sun also gives a good coverage of Local news with some International coverage and has many editions through the day and The Australian gives news more on a National Level. Another daily newspaper called MX is distributed free through various outlets such as the railway stations and is kept at designated MX stands in the CBD.

14. Metric Conversions - In USA & Japan they follow the Imperial system whereas the rest of the world follows the Metric system. Below are given some conversions.

1 L = 0.26 gallons US
L means Litre

1 US Gallon = 3.8 L

1kg = 2.2lb
"kg" means Kilogram

1Lb = 0.45kg
"lb" means Pound

1oz = 28gm
"oz" means Ounce

1gm = 0.04oz
gm means grams

1in = 2.54cm
"in" means inch or inches

1cm = 0.39in
"cm" means centimetres

1ft = 0.3m
"ft" means foot or feet

1m = 3.3ft = 1.1yd
"m" means metres

1mile = 1.6km
"yd" means yards

1km = 0.62mile
"km" means kilometres

C means Centigrade

F means Fahrenheit

15. Tipping - Tipping is usually not the norm, but due to large number of locals & visitors who out of their kindness & generosity do tipping, it is prevalent in certain places.

16. Travel Documents - It is always advisable to make photocopies of your travel documents such as a passport, visa, itinerary, health & travel insurance papers etc. This is done just in case you might misplace the originals for some reason or another, at least you have copies of the originals. This is one of the most important travel information.

17. City Ambassadors - City of Melbourne is great! we have volunteers who are the City Ambassadors and are dressed in red uniforms. These people have a wealth of knowledge about travel information. You can stop & have a chat with them, get directions, travel tips etc. They can be spotted around the Swanston street & Central CBD area.

Hope this Travel Information has been helpful, if however you feel that some other topic should be included in this travel information section, please feel free send us an email and we will gladly include it here.